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Jotun Group is one of the world’s leading paint and powder coating manufacturers.

The Norwegian-owned company has about 40 production facilities and is represented in more than 100 countries worldwide. Jotun’s high-quality coating systems are primarily applied for corrosion, passive fire protection and protection and decoration of concrete structures. It has an extensive range of products along with expert advice, and technical support and training for implementation.

Main fields:

  • energy sector
  • hydrocarbon industries (offshore gas and oil facilities, refining, storage, pipeline)
  • infrastructure (airports, buildings, bridges)
  • marine and offshore coatings
  • powder coatings
  • decorative coatings

Weilburger Coatings GmbH, part of GREBE GROUP

Weilburger Coatings GmbH, founder of GREBE GROUP,  is an innovative supplier of coatings for special market needs. Since its foundation in 1900, the small manufacturer of special materials has developed into an internationally recognised company providing industrial coatings. It offers a wide range of durable, decorative, value-enhancing industrial paint coatings worldwide.

Weilburger develops coating systems that combine market demand with economy, environmental protection and a high level of technical implementation.

Weilburger offers coatings for numerous application areas and surfaces:

  • Railway vehicles and defence technology
  • Non-stick houseware (GREBLON® | Non-Stick)
  • Stoves and heating appliances (high-temperature coatings)
  • Glass industry
  • Furniture industry and floors
  • Plastic products
  • Graphic industry (special varnishes)
  • Mechanical and plant engineering

Its research and development department currently mainly develops water-based heat-resistant coatings, new fluoropolymer coatings, UV-curing and EBC systems, as well as 2K-PUR water-based coatings, solvent-free epoxy systems and water-thinner effect lacquers.

Chemische Industrie Erlangen GmbH has been present on the market of corrosion protection coatings for 75 years.

With their environmentally friendly and economical materials, they have been successful in many industries. In Hungary, CHING coatings are mainly applied in the energy sector. Thanks to its advanced production and logistics system, the company serves its clients fast and flexibly.

Main product groups:

  • Coatings for industrial transformers
  • Corrosion protection coatings for bridges, steel structures, halls and other objects requiring “heavy” corrosion protection
  • Industrial lacquer for bicycles, motorcycles and other articles for everyday use

Chem Trend is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of release agents.

Main areas of expertise:

  • Die-casting industry
  • Polyurethane industry
  • Global rubber, composites and rotational molding industry
  • Tire industry. It is a leading supplier to all of the world’s leading tire manufacturers.
  • Thermoplastic processing

Founded in 1961, the company has now grown into a global group with production plants and subsidiaries on five continents. It supplies the Hungarian market from its factory in Germany. It operates a state-of-the-art laboratory with significant research and development capacity in the German headquarters. In Hungary, we provide customized product support, on-site testing possibility, expert support and quick stock availability for our rubber and composite partners.

The German company NABU-Oberflächentechnik GmbH offers innovative solutions for pre-treatment of aluminium and steel surfaces.

NABU has developed special acidic agents for degreasing surfaces, removing even the most stubborn dirt. With NABU cold and hot paint stripper agents, various paint coatings can be removed from the metal surfaces by dipping and spraying.

The German producer offers solutions for stripping cataphoretic paints also.

Passivating agents can phosphate metal surfaces: these substances improve the adhesion of paint coatings on aluminium, steel, zinc and magnesium surfaces.

The German company LACKFA Isolierstoff GmbH & Co. is a significant player in the market for anti-drumming compounds.

The company was founded in 1945 and is now a significant player in the market for anti-drumming compounds. With the widespread use of polyurethane raw materials, Lackfa began to develop various insulating products made of this versatile material and placed great emphasis on the development of two-component polyurethane systems.

In addition to the polyurethane product group, the manufacturer has developed a unique material that can be applied on different surfaces to form a continuous coating for noise and moisture insulation.

For decades of research and development, Lackfa is now a worldwide notable supplier of special heat and noise coatings.

SVT is a global group specialized in passive fire protection.

SVT offers innovative fire protection products for industrial premises, various public and residential buildings as well as means of transport represent world-class quality.

ABP Coatings offers a variety of industrial and general flooring

ABP Coatings offers a variety of industrial and general flooring, conductive flooring systems and waterproofing solutions for road bridges. As a result of decades of experience and considerable research and development, the German AB-Polymerchemie GmbH has achieved international success with its economical, innovative and professional systems, object and customer-specific solutions.

Key references:

  • Volkswagen
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Siemens production halls

Chase Corporation spcializes in corrosion protection for pipes and pipe sections.

Chase products are primarily applied in those technological stages where insert KPE pipes cannot be used due to the high internal pressure, and only steel pipes are suitable. These sections may be below or above ground. Depending on this, they will receive adequate “tape” protection.

A very special case of corrosion protection when the object to be protected is under water. It may not be possible to remove it, so corrosion protection (painting) must be completed under water. A similar situation occurs in case of objects (especially pipes) where surface dryness cannot be ensured, e.g. due to the condensation of moisture, if material with a temperature different than air temperature is flowing in the pipe section and cannot be closed due to continuous operation.

Swiss quality at the forefront of the world

TISCA Tischhauser AG was founded as a family-run business in 1940 in Switzerland, which has become one of the leading textile manufacturers in the world for today. With production facilities in 6 countries, the group now employs more than 400 people, and with its textile products, it has world-wide references to home textile, institutional and transportation market.

TISCA carpets, furniture fabrics, curtains and blinds meet the highest standards of quality and aesthetics and are applied worldwide in the design of institutions, public buildings, shops, hotels, restaurants, office equipment and transport. Its textile products qualified and certified in independent laboratories meet the highest quality requirements. Thanks to the high quality, the TISCA carpets, upholstery and curtains are extremely durable even despite of heavy-duty use, which results in lower maintenance and cleaning costs and longer product life cycles.


  • Short serving time: due to significant warehouse and production capacity, orders can be delivered within a short lead time.
  • Everything from one place: creating harmonious, unique interiors with the harmony of each textile elements.
  • Wide range of premium quality products.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Outstanding designer team: the award-winning product development team delivers individual, on-time designs meeting the client’s ideas.
  • High-level product support: technical assistance from the beginning of planning to the finished interior.

Cellofoam is a leading specialist in the area of sound insulation and sound attenuation products as well as seals and gaskets for industrial and technical applications.

We supply a wide range of ready-to-install products optimized for acoustic effectiveness. We process predominantly high-quality flexible foams and non-wovens (PUR, PE, PP PES, fiber blends), using proprietary and patented processes.

We are particularly proud of our special Cello® process for foam finishing, which enables us to produce top-quality absorber foams. Another very important asset is our expertise regarding various laminating techniques for the production of many different, acoustically engineered combination products.

Ever since its foundation in 1963, Cellofoam has been one of the leading experts for lamination, developing and using flame and dry-adhesive lamination techniques.

We are also active in the area of non-woven molding. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we mold high-quality non-wovens according to customer specifications into shape-retaining and self-supporting two- and three-dimensional parts.

Our portfolio is rounded off by our offer in the areas of pipe insulation, adhesive tapes, vibration damping, compressor blanket wraps and duct silencers.

Recycled leather with unique technology

The UK-based E-leather factory produces a so-called recycled leather from natural cowhide in rolls applying a unique, patented technology. The so-called “Eco leather” is a high-quality upholstery material with many advantages.  The water-pressed leather rolls made of fine-cut leather are easy to customize, lighter and less stretchy than natural leather, so they are ideal for upholstery, covering seats and furniture.