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Insulation materials

Sound and heat insulation, vibration damping

The German company, Cellofoam, offers a wide range of standard size or tailor-made boards of sound insulation products. Primarily, they produce high-quality flexible foams and non-wovens (PUR, PE, PP PES, fibre blends), using proprietary and patented processes.

Their unique Cello® technology for foam finishing enables them to produce top-quality absorber foams. Cellofoam’s factories produce multilayer noise control, thermal insulating and vibration damping materials using various laminating processes. Another significant asset is their expertise regarding various laminating techniques for the production of many different, acoustically engineered combination products.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, they mold shape-retaining and self-supporting two- and three-dimensional non-wovens. Their portfolio includes further insulation products, such as pipe insulation, adhesive tapes, vibration damping, compressor blanket wraps and duct silencers.

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