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  • MORE THAN 20 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in distributing industrial anticorrosive coatings

Main fields of expertise:

Anticorrosive coatings

Our company offers the solvent and water-based paints and coating systems of Jotun, Weilburger Coatings and CHING (Chemische Industrie Erlangen GmbH.) paint manufacturers serving the automotive, wood, metalworking and electronics industries.

Fire protection materials

The SVT and JOTUN passive fire protection materials in our product range are specialized products for the fire protection of industrial premises, various industrial, public and residential buildings as well as the transportation market.

Pre-treatment chemicals

Our company distributes NABU surface pre-treatment chemicals and cold and hot stripper agents.

Release agents

Nordic-Chem Kft. has been representing ChemTrend for more than 20 years. The German company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of release agents. Primarily, our clients are well-known domestic rubber and composite manufacturers.

Insulation materials

We offer sheets as well as tailor-made sound and thermal insulation products and anti-vibration materials from the German company Cellofoam primarily to the vehicle market and machinery builders.


The textile products of the Swiss manufacturer, Tisca Tiara are applied worldwide in the design of institutions, public buildings, shops, hotels, restaurants, office equipment and also in the transportation market.

About us

Our company, established in 2003 as a trading company, mainly deals with the import and domestic wholesale trade of industrial corrosion protection paints. Besides this, our portfolio includes specialized industrial release agents, passive fire protection materials, insulation products and textiles for industrial and public applications.


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